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Work Order Instructions:

  1. When adding a truck or motorhome, upload a photo of its registration. If adding more than one truck, use a spreadsheet or create multiple work orders.
  2. Please specify the vehicle by license plate number or VIN, along with the required action and details in the message area.
  3. Specify the requested work and use the message area to provide us with details about the location.
  4. Please provide instructions on which changes on the spreadsheet need syncing. Full spreadsheet synchronization takes additional time. If your sheet contains new trucks or locations and not all the information is included, upload supporting files or place the information in the message area.

EEO & DEI Policy

CARBtrax is an Equal Opportunity Employer

CARBtrax is committed to equal opportunity and non-discrimination for all employees, applicants, and subcontractors. We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, free from discrimination.

What this means in practice:

  • Merit-based decisions: We assess everyone based on their qualifications and abilities, without considering factors like race, religion, gender, or age.
  • Reasonable accommodations: We recognize that people work differently and may need adjustments, like technology or flexible processes, to perform their best.
  • Equal treatment: This policy applies throughout your time at CARBtrax, from recruitment and hiring to promotions, benefits, training, and even termination.

Fairness throughout the employment journey:

At CARBtrax, you can expect fair and objective decisions throughout your employment journey, from the initial application to promotions, compensation, and training opportunities.

Welcome to the "Unofficial" CARB Help Desk

Struggling to Reach CARB by Phone? We Can Help!

We understand how frustrating it can be to get help by phone. CARB often prefers email inquiries. Here’s the good news: While we’re not directly affiliated with CARB, we work closely with them and can likely assist you with your issue. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Clean Truck Check "On Demand"

We will dispatche a CTC mobile
unit to your location.

In affiliation with Mobile Smoke Check and their network of CARB credentialed CTC testers, we can have a CTC tester dispatched to your location, sometimes in as little as 5 minutes.

Stuck on hold with the DMV? We've helped countless Truckers get released fast!
1 (800) 530-7367

2024 CTC Due Date Calculator

CTC-VIS Deadline was January 31st

If you are not in the CTC-VIS database, We can help.

The deadline for getting your truck information into CARB’s Clean Truck Check and Visual Inspection System (CTC-VIS) database was January 31st, 2024. CARBtrax can get you and your truck entered right away. We can do everything over the phone in just a few minute:

Call us at 1-800-530-7367

Alternatively, navigate over to CARB’s 42 minute DIY video for instructions:  “How to Report for Clean Truck Check.

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