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Hey there, Trucking Pros!Meet CARBtrax – your wingman in the world of trucking, CTC-VIS reporting, and CARB compliance. We get it – navigating the roads while keeping up with CARB regulations can be a real challenge. That’s where we step in, not just as service providers, but as your Co-Entity Admin ‘Manager,’ making sure your journey is smooth and your wheels stay legal.California Trees Grass SkyImagine this—Clear skies, clean air, and hassle-free compliance. Our goal? Beyond just keeping your trucks CARB compliant, we’re on a mission to support clean air for everyone in California. Because let’s face it, we all want to breathe easy on and off the road.So, what’s our deal? We take care of the nitty-gritty tasks – updating your CTC-VIS account, paying those pesky compliance fees, scheduling ‘Clean Truck Checks,’ and filing test reports. All that stuff that takes time and adds to your workload – consider it done. Your fleet stays CARB compliant and you save time, money, and a whole lot of aggravation.Now, here’s the cool part. We’re not just ticking boxes, we’re your partners in this journey. We provide full transparency through open communication policies, status reports, and real-time alerts. You’re always in the loop, stress-free and in control.Ever felt the pain of a ‘Clean Truck Check’? We get it – it’s a time-consuming hassle. But picture this, with CARBtrax, you delegate and we handle the rest. Time-consuming tasks become a thing of the past and you get back to doing what you do best – driving.Why CARBtrax? Because we’re not just here for compliance; we’re here for you. We’ve got your back when you need to update the ‘CTC-VIS’ database. Just give us a call or shoot us an email – no extra fees, no stress.And here’s the kicker – we’re not just in the business; we’re in the game. We collaborate with CARB, attend trade shows, and value your feedback to refine our services. Our commitment? Long-term freedom from CARB concerns. We manage the regulations, updates, and alerts so you can focus on the open road, stress-free.Join the CARBtrax family, where clean air and worry-free trucking meet. Your stress-free journey starts here.Happy Trucking!The CARBtrax Team
Phill Backstom
Hi, I’m Phill Backstrom, the brains behind CARBtrax. With over 20 years in diesel emissions testing and CARB compliance, I’ve been on a mission to make life easier for truck owners and fleets.My journey started by creating a mobile service for Clean Truck Checks, aiming to save time and fuel. I know the ins and outs of keeping trucks on the road legally. From my roots as a firefighter to the birth of CARBtrax, my mission is clear—to simplify CTC-VIS reporting and CARB compliance for you.My commitment to hassle-free compliance and innovative solutions is all about making your journey on California’s roads smoother. Trust experience, embrace innovation, and let’s drive towards success together.Phill Backstrom

CARBtrax logoOur logo isn’t just a design; it’s a roadmap, a journey, and a commitment. The bold red caret, representing the left, symbolizes where you’ve been—the roads traveled and the experiences gained. The vibrant green caret on the right points forward, symbolizing your path ahead—the open road and new horizons.

The black road with a dashed center line mirrors your trucking journey, the miles traveled, and the challenges faced. At the road’s end, the arrows form a dynamic point, representing the future—a destination filled with possibilities.

The small gap between the carets and the arrow signifies the essence of CARBtrax—we’re here to bridge the gaps, ensuring a seamless and connected journey for you. The white space embodies the freedom and clarity we bring to your CTC-VIS reporting and CARB compliance, taking away the stress and hassles.

In essence, our logo isn’t just an image, it’s a visual commitment to guide and support you through your trucking endeavors. It’s a reflection of our promise to keep you on the right path, ensuring a smooth ride on the road of CARB compliance and clean air.

EEO & DEI Policy

CARBtrax is an Equal Opportunity Employer

CARBtrax is committed to equal opportunity and non-discrimination for all employees, applicants, and subcontractors. We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, free from discrimination.

What this means in practice:

  • Merit-based decisions: We assess everyone based on their qualifications and abilities, without considering factors like race, religion, gender, or age.
  • Reasonable accommodations: We recognize that people work differently and may need adjustments, like technology or flexible processes, to perform their best.
  • Equal treatment: This policy applies throughout your time at CARBtrax, from recruitment and hiring to promotions, benefits, training, and even termination.

Fairness throughout the employment journey:

At CARBtrax, you can expect fair and objective decisions throughout your employment journey, from the initial application to promotions, compensation, and training opportunities.

Welcome to the "Unofficial" CARB Help Desk

Struggling to Reach CARB by Phone? We Can Help!

We understand how frustrating it can be to get help by phone. CARB often prefers email inquiries. Here’s the good news: While we’re not directly affiliated with CARB, we work closely with them and can likely assist you with your issue. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Clean Truck Check "On Demand"

We will dispatche a CTC mobile
unit to your location.

In affiliation with Mobile Smoke Check and their network of CARB credentialed CTC testers, we can have a CTC tester dispatched to your location, sometimes in as little as 5 minutes.

Stuck on hold with the DMV? We've helped countless Truckers get released fast!
1 (800) 530-7367

2024 CTC Due Date Calculator

CTC-VIS Deadline was January 31st

If you are not in the CTC-VIS database, We can help.

The deadline for getting your truck information into CARB’s Clean Truck Check and Visual Inspection System (CTC-VIS) database was January 31st, 2024. CARBtrax can get you and your truck entered right away. We can do everything over the phone in just a few minute:

Call us at 1-800-530-7367

Alternatively, navigate over to CARB’s 42 minute DIY video for instructions:  “How to Report for Clean Truck Check.

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